Sara Hall takes 2nd in 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, photo by London Marathon Media

Sara Hall is right.

The 2020 London Marathon was a unique event. In the rain, and cold, Sara Hall, continued to pick up the pace, on the 19.1 lap course. Early on, Sara had seemed a bit behind, but as she began to pick up the pace, many of the early leaders came back.

I thought she could get in the top five, but Sara Hall kept the pressure on, and moved into 4th, then, 3rd.

Sara Hall's run into second was masterful. In the last few minutes of a marathon, most athletes are holding on to for dear life to finish. Sara Hall was running at speed she might have imagined, and as she passed Ruth Chepngetich, Sara moved into second with vigor, putting 4 seconds between third and second.

What can Sara Hall do?

Pretty much, whatever she puts her mind to.

Next, the



FLAGSTAFF (USA): Sara Hall described her runner-up finish in the London Marathon as "the race of my life," informs CNN. "I feel so, so grateful to be enjoying the sport the most I ever have at age 37. It's been kind of a surprise to still be improving at this age, and I just feel so grateful that I got the opportunity to race. It was just a long year of training and faith that there would be an opportunity at the end of it. I put in a lot for this race and to have it all come together and have the race of my life that was just a dream come true." Hall is training for her next marathon in Chandler, Arizona next month before turning her focus to the 10,000m in 2021.