Noah Lyles had a tremendous performance in Boston on Sunday, February 4, 2024. In his first round, he ran a decent 6.54, getting himself into the final, which was his job. In heat 2, Fred Kerley, in his first ever 60 meters, ran 6.57. Battle on. 

The final was set up for a tremendous battle between Fred Kerley, Ackeem Blake, the Jamaican star and Noah Lyles.

In the final, Lyles got out in seventh place at 10 meters. By 20 meters, he was in sixth place and by thirty meter, Noah Lyles was in third. But, the Jamaican, Ackeem Blake was churning up the track and did not look to be letting up. By viewing the ten meter times, we can see that, by 40 meters, Noah was flying, moving from sixth to fourth. At 50 meters, with ten meters to go, Noah Lyles, three gold medals from Budapest, was flying.

And here is the beauty of Noah Lyles. His acceleration, which we thought was dangerous before, is even more focused. From 50 to 60 meters, Noah Lyles put Ackeem Blake into second and Fred Kerley into fourth! What is his secret?

Well, CalTrack spoke with Noah Lyles at the Boston NB Indoor GP and Noah was on cloud Paris. He told us that he has gained ten pounds of pure muscle, and his lifting is getting better and better, allowing him to build his acceleration, and this was with an okay start!

A 6.44 is epic, as one just has to consider for the moment, how fast Noah Lyles will get outside in the 100 meters this spring! But for now, Noah will be at the USATF Indoors on Feb. 16-17 in Albuquerque, to qualify for Glasgow in the 60 meters! And then, the road to Paris lays ahead for Noah Lyles, who is as excited to run in Paris as we are to watch him!