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The women's marathon in Frankfurt was quite compelling. The debut of a German citizen in Fate Tola, and the racing tandem of Mona Stockhecke, Martina Strehl, Charlotte Purdue and Lindsay Flanagan found all with PBs afterwards.

Running for women in Germany is like running for women in the U.S. in the 1980s. It is just beginning to blossom. It is ironic as the running marathon fever created by Christina Vahlenshek, Utta Pippig, among others shows that German women can race quite well in the global marathon scene.

Your racing has gone on now for 8 weeks. Juniors and seniors: You should be able to handle the 2 or 3 easy morning runs of 30 minutes.  More advanced athletes, depending on your standards, should be able to handle 3 morning runs a week, M-W-F for 30–45 minutes.  Check those shoes, and we suggest getting two pair now for the season, and a racing shoe if you haven’t already gotten them. Consider HOKA ONE ONE training shoes!

How did your race go last week? Are you starting to see some differences in your fitness level? This week, focus on the tempo run and the hill workout. Remember to drink lots of liquids (water, sports drinks, juices, green tea), eat well, and have a good snack after long workouts, like 2% chocolate milk and a PowerBar. Also, if you’re a college athlete, increase your morning runs to 35–40 minutes on Mon-Wed-Fri.

This is a good time to get your fall racing shoes and use them for tempo runs. If you're an advanced runner, up your easy runs to 30-35 minutes on Mon-Wed-Fri, still doing them at the opposite time of day from your hard workout.