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Kenenisa Bekele established himself as the second fastest marathon runner ever, winning the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with a time of 2:03:03 on Sunday. In a thrilling duel the Ethiopian superstar beat Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang.

You're getting there. You're running faster and feeling fitter. Stay focused on your goals. Think about purchasing some cross country racing shoes in the upcoming weeks. And check your training shoes.

—Larry Eder

In this column, we begin a discussion on Athletics Event Security Management in this modern era. In order to understand the issues, we need to ask questions and look at security issues in recent sporting events.


Before the 1996 Olympics, the various domestic intelligence organizations were searching every nook and cranny in the U.S. for wack jobs, racial supremacists, anarchists and various delusional extremists, who could cause an issue or two with the Atlanta Olympics. A story related to me prior to Atlanta concerned an gentleman who ordered the bubonic plague to his home. Even in 1996, the domestic intelligence groups had this issue with citizens of this country who were not doing medical research ordering something that killed a hundred million a few centuries ago. When the afore mentioned security gents visited the garage of the bubonic plague enthusiast, and found a half dozen trash cans full to the brim with cattle dung. The bubonic plague enthusiast was thrown in jail for ninety days before the Atlanta Olympics. There were, according to my sources, several dozen Americans who had dreamed up ways to damage fans of the Olympics. Most of them spent the Olympics in various penal institutions across the U.S.

Monday, 19 September 2016 16:42

Week 5: Training - Gets Tougher.

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Week 5: Training - Gets Tougher. By now you should be running at a better pace than when you started and noting that your tempo runs are more fun. Do the tempo and hill runs with teammates--hard workouts are easier that way. Check your shoes weekly! Remember, at this point of season, you probably have two days of racing a week, a Tuesday and a Saturday, more than likely. Race days should be considered hard days, and remember, warm up and cool down are very important.

Monday, 12 September 2016 14:30

Week 4: Training Gets Rolling

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This week, runners run daily for main sessions. Advanced athletes should add a 20–25-minute session (3 miles) of easy running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Do these runs at the opposite time of day that you do your hard workout.