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Updated 9.15 PM, August 17, 2016. Ezekial Kemboi has been DQed over rule 163.3.
BY LARRY EDER—In a brilliant and gutty run, Evan Jager took over the steeple final at three minutes and twenty seconds into the race, broke the race open, stayed calm and collected and caught Ezekial Kemboi on the final straight, to bring the US a silver medal, the highest men's US finish since 1952 and the first men's steeple medal since 1984! Conseslus Kipruto won the steeplechase, with Ezekial Kemboi, Olympic champion from 2004 and 2012, taking the bronze.
This race was the work of a team. Under the thoughtful eyes of Coaches Jerry Schumacher and Pascal Dobert, the Bowerman AC team were prepared. Schumacher and Dobert honed the skills of Jager over the barriers and the flats.
BY LARRY EDER—Earlene Brown, a USA Track & Field Hall of Famer, who won the last medal by the U.S. in the women's shot put. That was in 1960, and the color of the medal was bronze. I remember writing about Earlene in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when I wrote about Ramona Pagel and Connie Price-Smith. I was fascinated with Earlene Brown as she competed against the Press sisters of the old Soviet Union. A colorful lady, Earlene was a gifted athlete. But, as a women athlete in her day, Earlene Brown never got the respect she deserved. I love that she competed in roller derby, one of my favorite TV viewing pleasures as a kid in Saint Louis.
Well, the ghost of Earlene Brown shone brightly in Rio, watching over Michelle Carter, who just improved nearly all night, starting out at 19.12m, then, 19.82m, then, 19.44m, then, 19.87m, then, bammo! 20.63m.
Thursday, 01 September 2016 15:48

Almaz Ayana Dominates Olympic 10,000m in 29:17.45 WR

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BY LARRY EDER—Almaz Ayana has just destroyed the World Record in the 10,000 meters, running 29:17.45 to take over 14 seconds off the World Record set by Wang Junxia of China nearly 23 years ago! Ayana stayed in the lead pack for 5000 meters, and then, rushed for home, chased by Vivan Cheruiyot. Ayana's style of light running, with a gifted stride took her lead from four seconds to fourteen, as Vivian Cheruiyot guttily held on for the silver medal. Tirunesh Dibaba, the 2008 and 2012 champion, took third from Alice Nawowuna, who lead for the first five kilometers. Here is how I saw the race transpire:
Thursday, 01 September 2016 15:21

Molly Huddle Sets 30:13.17 AR in Oly 10,000m

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BY LARRY EDER—What was so spectacular about Molly Huddle's race was her ability to pull herself back from the precipice. At 4000m, Molly Huddle was near AR pace for her own 5000 meter record! She slowed the pace down, hitting the 5000m in 14:55, nine seconds behind Alice Nawowuma and Almaz Ayana. When Ayana took off after 5,000 meters, Molly Huddle was twenty meters off the seventh placer, but moved past two in the final 4000 meters. Molly Huddle was rewarded with a 30:13.72 for the 10,000m, a new American record!
Now owning the 5000m and 10,000m American records, Molly Huddle caps off a fine summer of racing where she won both the 10,000m and 5,000m at the U.S. Olympic Trials. We look forward to her debut over the marathon in the TCS New York City Marathon!
Tuesday, 30 August 2016 21:31

Best Quotes of the 2016 Olympic Games

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Compiled by Elliott Denman—From Opening Ceremonies to Closing, Olympians and those who'd done all the work giving them the opportunity to be Olympians, spewed out the contents of their hearts and of their souls, telling their stories of success and success's opposites. They divulged their emotions as they felt it at the moments of greatest drama, letting the rest of the world know just how they felt about the goings-on at the critical stages of the events they'd just experienced.