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By Larry Eder
1. Elisha Barnu is one tough athlete, and he is on the rise.
The last half of the LA Marathon for men was quite compelling, as the field dropped from ten, to nine, to six, to four, to three, and finally, to Barnu and Limo. Between mile 23 and 24, Barnu had stomach distress as Danial Limo dropped the pace to 4:40 for the mile. Barnu cut the lead down and ran the 24-25 mile in 4:49, which finally broke Limo, who had surged several times over the last four miles in attempts to break Barnu. Elisha told RBR afterwards that warm sports drink, which he had mixed the night before upset his stomach. Elisha Barnu is coached by Yobes Ondieki, the first man under 27 minutes for 10,000 meters. Barnu has run a 2:09, but is building his resume around the world, with races such as LA Marathon.
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