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Keni Harrison is the World Record holder for the 100 meter hurdles. She has been followed by bad luck for a while now, not making Olympic teams, missing medals. Each time an interview came up, she would be asked about her tough luck. It had to be overpowering. Yet, this weekend, Keni Harrison took her legacy into her own hands and ran strong rounds in the 60 meter hurdles. Her semi final made it clear that Keni Harrison was here for business.
In the final, Keni Harrison had one of her finest starts, and ran, hurdle for hurdle, with precision and focus. No one was going to stop Keni Harrison at the Arena Birmingham on Saturday, March 3, 2018, as she ran a championship record of 7.70! Her time is only two tenths of a second off the WR set by Susana Kallur of Sweden in 2005. Harrison now has her first global title, and she knows it. I told BBC last night that Keni Harrison is one of the finest hurdlers in the world. She had to believe that. 
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