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5 WL, 3 MR and Bolt sub 10
MONACO (MON, Jul 21): It was a worthy 30th jubilee EBS Herculis at the sold out Louis II Stadium. Usain Bolt finally dipped sub 10 in his last one day meet race with a ceremony afterwards as he got a giant golden figure of Hercules. In total 5 World leads in distances confirmed Monaco track and air are the best for runners. Also 3 meet records were set in men 400 m, women high jump and 800 m (this one also DL record). Some top athletes were close to lose, but managed at the end to show their status. In the series now a break comes and last meet before the finals will be held on August 20 in Birmingham. In some events the list of qualifiers is confirmed. At the final banquet as top results were presented Manangoi´s 1500 m and Lasitskene high jump.
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