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by Dave Hunter
Last month in Sacramento, the sunbaked fans in Hornet Stadium raised eyebrows as they witnessed a relative unknown - a former Div. II champion in a florescent yellow singlet - uncork 3 consecutive furious finishes in the 3-race 800 meter war of attrition to gain a spot on the U.S. world championship team. For Drew Windle it was the fulfillment of a dream concocted nearly a decade ago. "My senior year in high school I set a goal that you set even though it is super far-fetched at the time,” notes the Brooks athlete as he reflects on that promise he made to himself to make a national team. “We kept working at it. I went to a Division II school [Ohio’s Ashland University] and did really well there - enough to get me a contract with Brooks in Seattle, Washington. The stars kind of aligned on the right day. And it happened. It was kind of a dream come true.”
Windle came to track & field in a curious way. Growing up outside of Columbus in New Albany, Ohio, Windle first fell in love with football - and he saw track & field only as a vehicle to secure more gridiron playing time. "In my freshman year of high school, the football coach was my track and field coach and I thought I would do track to maybe kind of suck up to the football coach so I could get some extra playing time later in my high school career. In track I ran the 100 and the 200," reveals Windle, whose calculating plans ultimately were scuttled. “My sophomore year, we got a new coach - my middle school history teacher - and he turned me into an 800m runner. And I was pretty average until my senior year.” But in the final weeks in high school, Windle experienced a breakthrough. “I ended up running 1:51 
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