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2016 HOKA ONE ONE Fall Cross Country Training Program

2016 HOKA ONE ONE Fall Cross Country Training Program (22)


From 1957 through the 1970‘s at the end of the cross country season Track & Field News and the United States Track & Field Federation jointly held a nationwide competition. At first teams would run 2 miles on the track and mail the results in (hence the name “National Postals”), but then in 1969 when the 3 miles was added, regional races were held, all of which are known as the “National Postal” races. Since cross country courses varied and since there was not going to be a single national meet, the times from the regional races were taken for ranking the competitors nationally. To make the races fair in comparing times, the races were run on the track, but in a cross country type race. Teams of 5 runners were entered as well as individual entries. High school runners ran a 2 mile cross country event in those years. The 2 mile races for the National Postals were done from 1957 through 1982; and the 3 mile races for the National Postals were done from 1969 through 1978 (as in 1979 and after, the Kinney and Footlocker National High School Cross Country Championships were instituted for the 3 mile races). The revival of the Postal 2-Mile is a revival of the spirit of high school distance running, the revival of finding a true national champion and most importantly the revival of a team together. We are proud to reintroduce the running world to the Hoka One One National High School 2-Mile Postal Competition.

The Fall 2016 Cross Country Training program is sponsored by

And one more comment: This training program was developed over 20 years of coaching, with advice and fine tuning from coaches from around the world. These are guidelines only. For younger runners and newer coaches, it is a nice program to begin from. For more experienced coaches and runners, the themes are key. Find what works best for you, and please reach out if you need ideas at!

Also note, that we post daily training with updates August 23-December 20 on your sites as well as,,,  and coaching Look for daily updates!

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Thursday, 01 September 2016 23:42

Week 4: Training Gets Rolling

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Week 4: Training Gets Rolling
This week, runners run daily for main sessions. Advanced athletes should add a 20–25-minute session (3 miles) of easy running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Do these runs at the opposite time of day that you do your hard workout.

Thursday, 01 September 2016 23:41

Week 3: Getting the Habit Started

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Week 3: Getting the Habit Started
Make sure you’re doing your runs on a variety of surfaces—dirt, grassy fields, sand, road, track. It’s good for the feet and helps you use your feet in a healthy variety of ways. You’ll be a little sore this week as your body adjusts. Drink your liquids, sleep, eat well, and hang out with your friends.

Thursday, 01 September 2016 23:39

Weeks 1 & 2: Fall Training Begins

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Weeks 1 & 2: Fall Training Begins
You’ll start on the road to a good fall of training with a long run, a tempo run, and some moderately paced runs. Don’t worry about pace in these first two weeks; just get out there, have some fun, and get into the habit of regular running. Workouts always begin with a warmup, some gentle stretching of major muscle groups, and light jogging. Repeat for your cool-down.

In a wonderful day of cross country racing, Golden Gate Park became a celebration of all things cross country, as 1,922 cross country runners ran in five amazing races. Each with their own excitement, and each with their own drama.

San Diego, Calif., Dec. 12, 2015 - Weini Kelati of Leesburg, Va., and Drew Hunter of Purcellville, Va., captured first place titles at the 37th Annual Foot Locker Cross Country Championships (FLCCC) National Finals at Morley Field, Balboa Park in San Diego, Calif., today. Race conditions were good with dry terrain, sunny skies and temperatures reaching 56 degrees.

In the girls' race, Kelati won in 17:10, while Hunter took control from the start to capture the boys' title in 14:56.

Recapping the girls' race, Kelati, a two-time FLCCC national qualifier, took an early lead, cruising to a mile split of 5:13. Maryjeanne Gilbert (Peoria, Ill.) closed the gap and took a brief lead prior to the race's midway point. Kelati reclaimed the lead quickly, while Nevada Mareno (Leesville, N.C.) and Judy Pendergast (Naperville, Ill.) joined the lead pair. Kelati and Gilbert pulled away in the final stretch with Gilbert finishing second (17:11), Mareno in third (17:18) and Pendergast in fourth (17:20).

In the boys' race, Hunter went out aggressively and continued to pick up the pace after a mile split of 4:32. At the halfway mark, Hunter secured a commanding 15-second edge over Phillip Rocha (Azusa, Calif.) and Ben Veatch (Carmel, Ind.). Hunter never relinquished the lead, but the race for runner-up provided added excitement down the stretch where Rocha out-sprinted Veatch. Rocha placed second in 15:08 and Veatch finished third in 15:10.

The Foot Locker Cross Country Championships is comprised of four regional 5K races, which took place across the country in the Midwest (Kenosha, Wis.), Northeast (Bronx, N.Y.), South (Charlotte, N.C.) and West (Walnut, Calif.), culminating in the National Finals here today.


Full results and more photos at

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 21:05

Foot Locker XC West Regionals Recap

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Bielaczyc, Hill are Best in the West
Annie Hill made it nine consecutive victories, even if the Glacier High sophomore had to work a little harder than usual in the final 400 meters to hold off Kate Hunter of Provo, Utah. Garek Bielaczyc was determined to elevate his status from ninth a year ago to winning the Foot Locker West Regional title Saturday at Mt. SAC, even if it required the Salt Lake City East senior to deliver a timely surge in the last 200 meters to get past Arcadia talent Phillip Rocha.
Wednesday, 09 December 2015 20:57

Top HS Talent on Display at NXN

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On a day when both man and beast should have been inside, snuggled up to a roaring fire, several thousand cross country fans spent most of Saturday morning on a golf course in Portland, Oregon. The afore-mentioned golf course, the Glendoveer, was prepared for a major event-the NXN cross country championships.
With teams from eight regional races, and top individuals, all battled over a gushy, muddy and cold cross country course. Perfect cross country weather, as the races got under way.
And the weather gods teased us, with the rain, while there, becoming part of the story. The real stories were the magnificent performances of the teams and the gutty, gutty runs of the top individuals.—Larry Eder
Release: The state of California did not disappoint, with two of the top four teams. Temecula won the Boy's and was third in the girls. Manlius' nine year domination of this meet, on the girls' side, is unprecedented. Temecula's win on the boys side was the results of a strong team keeping their cool as two other teams battled hard with them.
On the girl's side, Katie Rainsberger, her all profile near the front much of the race, won out, in 16:56. (Yes, her mom was the last U.S. woman to win the Boston marathon (before Meb) and also two time fourth place in U.S. Olympic trials. )
Ella Donaghu came from the throngs, running conservatively and picking off runners the entire race, gaining second just weeks after her win at the NIKE Border Clash.
On the boy's side, Casey Clinger employed a wonderfully boisterous kick to win by a second and one half over a pack that stayed close until the very end!
A race for the ages, and conditions few will forget. Congrats to all, man and beast, who braved the Glendoveer course for the NXN in 2015!
On a typically drizzly winter Saturday in Portland, Oregon, top American high school runners gathered at the Glendoveer Golf Course for the 12th Annual Nike Cross Nationals. Sprinting off the starting line, the young athletes accelerated around the 3.1-mile course to meet the race's 5k mark -- their bright running apparel creating a painterly contrast to the day's low grey skies.
Thousands of spectators cheered the tenacious participants, who had qualified for the Nike Cross Nationals at one of eight regional meets, with competitions held in the Northwest, Heartland, Midwest, Southwest, South, Southeast, Northeast and New York.
Rain soaked, the runners dashed towards the finish line, with Manlius XC girls team of New York defending their title while Temecula of California captured the boys team title. Senior Katie Rainsberger from Colorado Springs, Colorado, claimed her first individual title, with a time of 16:56. Casey Clinger of American Fork, Utah, took first place in the boys race, with a time of 15:03.
Heading into Saturday's race, Manlius XC of New York was the girls team to beat. They were back to defend their title and their winning history, having taken first place eight of the past nine years. They did not disappoint, with a strong 55-point first-place finish, an 89-point differential from second place team Davis CA of California.
Katie Rainsberger came into the race with an unbeaten season. She pulled away from the pack to form a solid lead and crossed the finish line in 16:56, 14 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Ella Donaghu. This coming fall, following her senior year, Rainsberger will attend the University of Oregon.
The boys race began with no clear frontrunner between the favored teams, which included Temecula XC and Dana Point XC of California as well as Orland Park XC of Illinois. In the end, Temecula finished on top with 114 points. American Fork took second place with 163 points, led by junior and individual boys winner Casey Clinger. Clinger beat out a tight lead pack in the last stretch by just 1.5 seconds.
Once the last runner had conquered the course, NIKE, Inc. President and CEO Mark Parker congratulated the individual and team winners and presented them with their 2015 NXN trophies.
Top Three Individual Girls:
1. Katie Rainsberger (Southwest Region)
2. Ella Donaghu (Northwest Region)
3. Callie Logue (Heatland Region)
Top Three Individual Boys:
1. Casey Clinger (Southwest Region)
2. Ben Veatch (Midwest Region)
3. Alek Parsons (Southwest Region)
Top Three Girls Teams:
1. Manlius XC (North York)
2. Davis CA (California)
3. Temecula (California)
Top Three Boys Teams:
1. Temecula (California)
2. American Fork (Southwest)
3. Dana Point (California)
Find a complete list of results HERE:
Wednesday, 09 December 2015 20:53

The Lore of Cross Country

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Cross country is one of the first experiences many runners have with the sport. Offered in the Fall in the U.S., more than 550,000 boys and girls run high school cross country and 60,000 men and women run college cross country. And then, consider how many masters runners still love to run on real cross country courses.
The Crystal Springs cross country course was one of my favorite courses in high school. I also ran it as college athlete and in open races. Located in Belmont, California, it has been the site of many fantastic races.
The Nike Border Clash, held on the Nike campus, is a unique and fun race. Just under 5000 meters, the course pits the top 40 boys and girls from Oregon and Washington in a cross country slugfest on who is the best high school cross country runners in the Pacific Northwest.
I have been at 15 of 17 Nike Border Clash events. This year, the frozen fog won out, and my plane was diverted to Seattle. Six hours in planes, not a good Sunday, I must say, especially when one misses the two races one wanted to see.
As I’m fying to the NXN from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon on December 4, I am anticipating the Nike NXN on Saturday, December 5. A meet that grew out of the Border Clash, the NXN brings the best teams in the country (and top individuals) in a celebration of all that is gritty cross country.
I am of the opinion that one must finish with mud encrusted on one's uniform, shoes soggy, a scratch or two, and perhaps, a few droplets of blood smeared on ones leg after a real cross country race.
The NXN lives up to most of the those expectations. It is cold many years, and the course, if not muddy, is damp at the very, very least.
Many of the top college coaches adorn the course, observing some of the finest runners in the sport racing five thousand meters over draining footing and some man made hills. The addition of several thousand fans, cheering wildly, and fine announcing, makes the NXN one of two events in the U.S. where high school cross country runners are feted on a national level.
What do I love about NXN?
After spending much of the last year preparing for the event, the best teams and some of the finest athletes are presented in a unique and stunning fashion. Watching the races develop, watching another generation of cross country and track fans, and watching the knowing glances of fans and coaches who have seen great races before, all add to the flavor.
The respect shown for the sport is also something I like.
I recently noted, in an interview via podcast, that cross country was about more than running. Coaches can figure out how to do the workouts from a book, or website pretty well. But that is little of what a coach does. Coaches help us, through the experience of running with a team, training for a group goal, challenging ourselves with life lessons.
I look back at my cross country experiences now, some forty-four years ago, with rose colored glasses. A positive patina is the starting point of all my memories.
Yet, I was last on my team for two years, and my coaches showed me respect and provided encouragement. I had no illusions on being the best. The summer after my sophomore track season, I listened to a coach, who told me "to run more." I did just that, running all summer, and coming back fit, finally making the top seven in cross country my senior year. In college, my coach carefully built my fitness up over five years, from 70 miles a week to 140 miles a week. Winning my first race during my senior year of college, after several hundred races, was amazing. I tried to savor the last mile, as I had never had that experience before, and would not have many experiences like that later.
I wish all those racing tomorrow great memories. Though in reality, some will be happy, some sad. Some victorious, some vanquished. But, all due respect. Cross Country, as I have said before, is as honest as an e.e. cummings poem (I suggest you read my favorite, No Thanks).
Tomorrow, I will walk the course, saying hello to Coach Chris Fox, of Syracuse, who just won the NCAA cross country men's race. I was so proud of Chris and his fine team. I will look for Jeff Johnson, the man who named NIKE after the Greek goddess of victory. I will also look for Dave Frank, who had the joy of coaching his son's team to a state title in Oregon.
I will also try and say hello to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike. This is one of Mark's favorite, uncomplicated days of the year, where he gives out some awards to some fast kids, with thousands of fans around the Portland golf course that hosts NXN. His smile, genuine and relaxed, as he surveys a cool Saturday morning in the Pacific Northwest, where many of the best teams and young runners in the sport of cross country have come to play hard.
And, finally, I will squint hard, looking off to the back of the course, as a guy, who would be in his early sixties now, in a hoody that says Oregon, and gray sweat bottoms jogs off the course, into the fog, knowing that another cross country season is just about over.
I will then, look down at my shoes and smile at the mud on my boots, that will remind me, on my two flights that upcoming evening, as your athletic pilgrim heads to another race, looking for the perfect athletic experience.
That is the lore of cross country.
—Larry Eder
Friday, 04 December 2015 20:40

Foot Locker CC West Regional is Saturday, 12/5

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Legendary Mt. SAC is the site of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships West Regional. This course will challenge and inspire you as it has renowned runners such as Ryan Hall, Galen Rupp, Marc Davis, Meb Keflezighi, Deena (Drossin) Kastor, Sara (Bei) Hall, Jordan Hasay and Lauren Fleshman.
here will be 14 races on Saturday with more than 3000 runners from all over the west racing with the junior high youngsters going first at 7:10 AM. They will be followed by the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, and then the elite races will go off  with the seeded girls starting at 9:50 am and the seeded boys at 10:30 am.
Top three potential returners (boys) based on 2014 results: 6. Austin Tamagno (11 Brea, CA), 15:43.5; 9. Garek Bielaczyc (11, Salt Lake City), 15:56.5; 15. Callum Bolger (10, San Luis Obispo), 16:09.3.
Top three potential returners (girls) based on 2014 results: 4. Annie Hill (9, Kalispell, MT) 18:10.6; 6. Bryn Morley (9, Bigfork, MT) 18:16.8; 7. Claire Graves (10, Highland, CA) 18:32.0.
Check out much more about the West Regional HERE:
Check out the other (completed) regionals HERE:
Friday, 04 December 2015 19:22

NXN Championship is Saturday

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Ahead of Saturday’s Nike Cross Nationals, check out the California qualifiers HERE
While you're there, you can also read up on each of the regional meets, view videos, and check out the course. Come Saturday morning, 12/5/15, you can watch LIVE at 9:30am PST by visiting HERE
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