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2016 HOKA ONE ONE Fall Cross Country Training Program

2016 HOKA ONE ONE Fall Cross Country Training Program (22)


From 1957 through the 1970‘s at the end of the cross country season Track & Field News and the United States Track & Field Federation jointly held a nationwide competition. At first teams would run 2 miles on the track and mail the results in (hence the name “National Postals”), but then in 1969 when the 3 miles was added, regional races were held, all of which are known as the “National Postal” races. Since cross country courses varied and since there was not going to be a single national meet, the times from the regional races were taken for ranking the competitors nationally. To make the races fair in comparing times, the races were run on the track, but in a cross country type race. Teams of 5 runners were entered as well as individual entries. High school runners ran a 2 mile cross country event in those years. The 2 mile races for the National Postals were done from 1957 through 1982; and the 3 mile races for the National Postals were done from 1969 through 1978 (as in 1979 and after, the Kinney and Footlocker National High School Cross Country Championships were instituted for the 3 mile races). The revival of the Postal 2-Mile is a revival of the spirit of high school distance running, the revival of finding a true national champion and most importantly the revival of a team together. We are proud to reintroduce the running world to the Hoka One One National High School 2-Mile Postal Competition.

The Fall 2016 Cross Country Training program is sponsored by

And one more comment: This training program was developed over 20 years of coaching, with advice and fine tuning from coaches from around the world. These are guidelines only. For younger runners and newer coaches, it is a nice program to begin from. For more experienced coaches and runners, the themes are key. Find what works best for you, and please reach out if you need ideas at!

Also note, that we post daily training with updates August 23-December 20 on your sites as well as,,,  and coaching Look for daily updates!

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You’ve now got three months of solid training behind you. Keep the days between racing and the hard days relaxed. Now it’s time to focus on your racing. How are you feeling? When do you tire? When do you kick? Try some different race strategies.

High school cross country starts quickly, so use those early races to get into shape. Continue to build speed. 300 Mile athletes add a Saturday run.

Your first real race will be a revelation. You should be able to handle the distance, but your pace may be slower than you expect. Don’t worry. You’ll recover quickly and should be racing fit in 3–5 races. Only the 500 Mile group should be doing morning runs beginning this week.

Your racing has gone on now for 8 weeks. Juniors and seniors: You should be able to handle the 2 or 3 easy morning runs of 30 minutes.  More advanced athletes, depending on your standards, should be able to handle 3 morning runs a week, M-W-F for 30–45 minutes.  Check those shoes, and we suggest getting two pair now for the season, and a racing shoe if you haven’t already gotten them. Consider HOKA ONE ONE training shoes!

How did your race go last week? Are you starting to see some differences in your fitness level? This week, focus on the tempo run and the hill workout. Remember to drink lots of liquids (water, sports drinks, juices, green tea), eat well, and have a good snack after long workouts, like 2% chocolate milk and a PowerBar. Also, if you’re a college athlete, increase your morning runs to 35–40 minutes on Mon-Wed-Fri.

This is a good time to get your fall racing shoes and use them for tempo runs. If you're an advanced runner, up your easy runs to 30-35 minutes on Mon-Wed-Fri, still doing them at the opposite time of day from your hard workout.

This week is tough. Check your shoes to make sure they aren't too worn. Consider getting racing shoes for the serious races and using them for your tempo runs.

You're getting there. You're running faster and feeling fitter. Stay focused on your goals. Think about purchasing some cross country racing shoes in the upcoming weeks. And check your training shoes.

Monday, 19 September 2016 16:42

Week 5: Training - Gets Tougher.

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Week 5: Training - Gets Tougher. By now you should be running at a better pace than when you started and noting that your tempo runs are more fun. Do the tempo and hill runs with teammates--hard workouts are easier that way. Check your shoes weekly! Remember, at this point of season, you probably have two days of racing a week, a Tuesday and a Saturday, more than likely. Race days should be considered hard days, and remember, warm up and cool down are very important.

Monday, 12 September 2016 14:30

Week 4: Training Gets Rolling

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This week, runners run daily for main sessions. Advanced athletes should add a 20–25-minute session (3 miles) of easy running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Do these runs at the opposite time of day that you do your hard workout.

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