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Thursday, 10 August 2017 16:25

Running Product Reviews : Trail Shoes Summer 2017

Written by Running Product Reviews
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If you’re a year-round trail runner, you already know that summer is a great time for getting off the pavement and onto the trails. If you’re thinking of trying the trails for the fi rst time or getting out there more frequently to change up your routine (less impact, more interesting scenery, and often cooler temps)—our new batch of Trail shoes has a little something foreveryone.In our reviews, shoes designated as “Responsive Trail“ have more protection, so they weigh more, while Performance Trail shoes pare back the extras to save weight and are a great choice for racing or if you’re a lightweight runner yourself.

Not sure what to look for? Well, your preference in Trail shoes may mirroryour preferences in road shoes and they shake out similarly: Some are more stable than others, others are lighter weight for competition and, of course, there are those that are suitable for use on both road and trail, which makes them a great starter Trail shoe. Whatever you choose, wisely adding some variety into your runs keeps the mind and body engaged and using the proper “tool” is a wise investment. Remember to check-in with for more updated shoes, and look for us on Facebook at Running Product Reviews, and on Twitter @shoes2run.


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