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Saturday, 18 July 2015 03:10

Dibaba's WR 1500m is Highlight of a Fantastic Night in Monaco

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New WR holder Dibaba in Monaco tonight. New WR holder Dibaba in Monaco tonight.
Genzebe Dibaba promised a world record in the presser on Thursday, and on July 17, 2015, she set a new WR of 3:50.07 in the 1,500 meters in a race that has just captured the 15,000 fans in the Herculis Monaco night at the races! Monaco, a night at the races! 
It is 6:15 PM local time in Monaco. As is my habit, and my fortunate fate, I am seated 20 meters south and 80 meters from the finish line. To my left, I can see the shot put warm up, and the pole vault warm up. To my right, the high jump, discus cage TV teams putting the final touches on their broadcast. 
The coverage of a major athletics meeting is a madhouse. Twenty-one events, different views, approaches and commentary needed. To do athletics on TV well, such as Canal, Eurosport, BBC, takes not only money, but, the will. 
I have been spoiled over here. Your athletic pilgrim has gone to AREVA Paris (July 4), Lausanne DL (July 9), Championnnats de France elite (July 10-12), and now Monaco Herculis.
Why do I love Herculis? Well, last year, in less that one hours, I saw an 800m, 110m hurdles, 5000m women and 1,500 meters that blew my mind. As a track fan, Herculis is a lovely stadium, seating 15,000, with virtually no bad seats. 
Shot Put, Men
Christian Cantwell had a nice start, with 20.95m for first attempt. Tom Walsh, NZ, was second in 20.34m. Then, Joe Kovacs opened it up, with a throw of 21.53m. Tom Walsh improved in second attempt to 20.62m, but that only moved him to fourth as Ryan Whiting moved into third in 20.72m, in his second attempt. 
In round 2, Cantwell improves to 21.14m, with Reese Hoffa throwing 21.08m. 
Joe Kovacs just threw 22.56 meters! That is 74 feet, and one  half an inch! 
How does anyone respond? 
In round 4, Cantwell improved to 21.24m. Kovacs fouled in round 3, threw 21.16m in four, and 21.12m in five. 
In sixth round, Joe Kovacs finishes with 21.91 meters. His two longest throws would have won. Cantwell in 21.24m, and Reese Hoffa in 21.08 meters. 
Joe Kovacs told the assembled media: " Everything was clicking-up today, great warm up showed that I can do something. It was a big throw, but I knew I have it in me. It is a pity that Storl is not here. After the big one, I needed to slow down, was too excited. My coach, Art Venegas prepares me well and I trust him totally. And I was happy with last thow also good. I think I can throw even more and the World record is not that close (far?) now. I need more consistency. Like all throws over 22 meters. That is what I am aiming for and that should be the key to success in being." 
Men. 1. Joe Kovacs, USA, 22.56m (74'1/2"), MR, DLR, WL, 2. 
Christian Cantwell, USA, 21.24m, 3. Reese Hoffa, USA, 21.08m, 4. Tom Walsh, NZ, 20.73m, 5. Ryan Whiting, USA, 20.73m, 6. Jordan Clarke, USA, 20.72m, #‎monaco
4x100m, Women
In 4x100m, US A team of English Gardner, Allyson Felix, Jenna Prandini, Kaylin Whitney run a World leading 41.96. Team 2 USA was in 42.24. Spain in 44.86. 1. USA A, 41.97, 2. USA B, 42.24, 3. Spain, 44.48 
Discus, Women
Sandra Perkovic back to her winning ways. She won in 66.80 meters, on her fifth throw. Dani Samuels in second in 65.21m for the 2009 World Champ. Gia Lewis-Smallwood, USA, in third in 63.97m.Monaco Discus, Women, 1. Sandra Perkovic, CRO, 66.80m, 2. Dani Samuels, AUS, 65.21m, 3. Gia Lewis-Smallwood, USA, 63.97m, #monaco
Long Jump, Women
Ivan Spanovic of Serbia, the European indoor champion, won here in 6.87m, achieved on her first jump. Tianna Bartoletta woke up out of her stupor, and took second in 6.76m.
Monaco, Long Jump, W, 1. Ivana Spanovic, SRB, 6.87m, SB, 2. Tianna Bartoletta, USA, 6.76m, 3. Lorraine Ugen, GBR, 6.73m, #‎herculis15
400m hurdles, Men
Bershawn Jackson lead the whole way, taking the 400 meter hurdles in 48.23. Patryk Dobek was second in 48.62, and Johnny Dutch, who the announcer screamed about the entire way, was third in 48.67. 
Monaco,400mH, 1. Bershawn Jackson, 48.23, 2. Patryk Dobek, 48.62, 3. 
Johnny Dutch, 48.67, #‎herculis15
1,500 meters, Men
Watch Charles Philibert Thiboutot, of Canada, who flew to Nice, France on Tuesday, stayed in hotel there on his own. Then, two hours before meet, was in Monaco, as he had made the 1500m field! He has a best of 3:38.33. He should run a big one here. He is a gambler! Oh, Canada! I shared bus with him to the stadium. 
The men's 1,500 meters is always a treat here! 
The pace setters hit 53.72 for 400 meters, and then, 1:50.37 for the 800 meters, Right behind them, Asbel Kiprop in third, and MO Farah in fourth. 
Bell hit in 2:31, and they were off!
No one was catching Asbel Kiprop though. For the first time in three years, Asbel was running like he wished, all alone, in front, fighting the good fith. 
Let's hear it from Asbel's own lips: "At the bell, I saw 2:31-32, so knew it
could be a very fast time. At the end I am very satisfied, but can admit I wanted a bit faster time. But, as said, it is great and confirms my shape before Beijing."
Asbel Kiprop came charging down the line, his high knees and long stride eating up the track, one huge, ebullient stride at a time, until he and the clock met, in 3:26.69. A World leader and meet record.
In second, 2012 Oly champ, Taoufik Makloufi, he off a 2:13.08 1000m NR, and now a PB at 3:28.75, Abelaati Iguider, PB in 3:28.79, and in fourth, Mo Farah, just off his NR with a fine 3:28.93. Nick Willis surprised all but himself and his coach with his fine NR of 3:29.66. 
How deep was this race? Matthew Centrowitz, fresh off a crap 800m, and US champs, ran a PB of 3:30.40. Leo Manzano had his first Europe race in 3:36.16. And our new Canadian friend, the gambler Charles Philibert-Thiboutot? A huge 4 second PB and Olympic qualifier in 3:34.23! 
Monaco, 1,500m M, 1. Asbel Kiprop, KEN, 3:26.69, MR, WL, 2. Taoufik Makloufi, ALG, 3:28.75, PB, 3. Abelaati Iguider, MOR, 3:28.79, PB, 4. Mo Farah, GBR, 3:28.93, 5. Nick Willis, NZ, 3:29.66, AR, NR, #‎herculis15
800 meters, Men
Bram Som took the field out in 49.47. Pierre Ambroise-Bosse was out hard, and lead thru 700 meters. But, the gathering storm was there! Nijel Amos on the outside, Ayanleh Souleiman on the inside, and Boris Berian, USA and Amel Tuka, who o recently set a Bosnian record in the 800m. 
As Nijel Amos and Ayanleh Souleiman battled, Amel Tuka came out of the side like a bat out of hell, and surprised them all, with a world leading 1:42.51! 
Monaco, 800m, M, 1. Amel Tuka, BIH, 1:42.51, NR, WL, 2. Nijel Amos, BOT, 1:42.66, SB, 3. Ayanleh Soulieman, DJI, 1:42.97, NR, 4. Boris Berian, USA, 1:43.34, PB, 5. Adam Kszscot, POL, 1:43.45, SB, 6. Marcin Lewandowksi, POL, 1:43.72 PB, #‎herculis15
200 meters, Women
Dafne Schippers took on three Americans and she had a second place time in 22.09. This time, Candye McGrone won in 22.08, a PB! In third, Jeneba Tarmoh, also a PB in 22.23. 
100 meter Hurdles, Women
Sharika Nelvis battled them all, and won in 12.46. Second was Kendra Harrison in 12.52. The battle for third was Brianna Rollins, 12.56, and Jasmin Stowers, 12.56, with Dawn Harper-Nelson in fifth in 12.58! Sixth was Tiffany Porter, in 12.66. A race, like all in the 100 meter hurdles, with terrific depth. 
Pole Vault, Men
Renaud Lavillennie had a good day in the office. Nice clearances at 5.82m and 5.92m on his attempts and three decent attempts at 6.02 meters, show that the king of the pole vault is on the return route. Konstantinos Filippidis is second in 5.82m. Sam Kendricks equalled his PB in 5.82m, and Pawel Wajciechowksi of Polang, was fourth in 5.82m. 
Steeplechase, Women
A mild pace of 3:01 for the first 1000 meters, and 6:11 for the two thousand meters as a pack of Hyvin Kiyeng, Virginia Nyambura, she of Doha and Lausanne wins, Hiwot Ayalew, the Ethiopian ace, and Habiba Ghriba,the Tunisian star. 
Surprisingly, Emma Coburn stayed out of the action upfront and moved to tenth, by the finish in 9:23.91.
It came down to Habiba Ghriba, who took the lead at bell in 8:03, and ran a 68 last lap over the barriers and water jump to take the win in 9:11.28, WL, and Meet Record. 
Javelin, Men
Tero Pitkamaki opened a few eyes with a nifty throw of 88.87 meters, to win the javelin.
100 meters, Men
Justin Gatlin won here, no surprise, charging down the track in 9.78, with Tyson Gay in 9.97 and Jimmy Vicaut in third in 10.03. 
Triple Jump, Men
Pedro Pichardo got to 17.73m in a battle with Christian Taylor, who won in 17.75m. Not big jumps, but a great battle. Does Christian Taylor finally have the number of his Cuban competitor? 
1500 meters, Women
The race of the night.
Genzebe Dibaba delivered on what she had promised.
Chanelle Price was perfect in her pace setting. "The pace setter took me through the 400 meters and 800 meters exactly as I needed" noted a smiling Genzebe Dibaba postrace (through translators). 
The pace was epic: 60.31 for 400 meters, 2:04.52 for 800 meters as Sifan Hassan followed closely and twenty meters back, Jenny Simpson, closely followed by Shannon Rowbury.
Rowbury and Simpson had a bit of a close encounter at 300 meters as Simpson seemed to feel that Ms. Rowbury was a tad close. That changed quickly. 
Chanelle Price was gone at 800 meters, hit in 2:04.52 as Genzebe Dibaba went by in full gallup, with Sifan Hassan following as heroically as she could. Dibaba runs so crisply, so elegantly, that it hides her speed. 
1500m WR by Genzebe Dibaba–3:50.07–at Herculis Monaco 2015 
Dibaba hit the 1000 meters about 1.5 seconds ahead of Barcelona (2:36, there, 2:34.5 on my watch).
The bell, hit in 2:49, was tremendous as Genzebe Dibaba continued to fly, hitting the 1200 meters in 3:04.62. 
Still Sifan Hassan persisted, and Jenny Simpson, was not 30 meters down, with Shannon Rowbury looking very good. 
As Genzebe Dibaba came off the turn, it was clear that the WR she promised could be a reality, as she sprinted down the final straight, 3;45, 3:46, 3:47 on the clock! 
Three Fifty and 07 the clock said! 
3:50.07 a new world record! 
And then, Sifan Hassan, rewarded for her brave running, hit a NR of 3:56.05. Shannon Rowbury went by a fading Jenny Simpson, and broke the 3:57.12 AR of Mary Slaney, with her 3:56.29! Jenny Simpson was fourth in 3:57.30. Laura Muir was fifth in 3:58.66 and Maureen Koster was sixth in 3:59.79!
The night, however, was Genzebe Dibaba's who promised a WR and delivered. 
In a night that was one fantastic event after another, the Women's 1,500 meters was the highlight of a meet that had two hours of highlights! 
By Larry Eder,
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